Perception or Fact?

December 3 2018

I hope that the blogs I write are helpful to you. Continuing on, I want to dive deeper into what it takes to throw in towel and give up.

This week I want to camp on the word perception. I have heard over and over what our perception is of anything becomes our reality. If we form an opinion on something or someone, it becomes reality to us whether it is true or not. A few weeks ago, I went to the voting booth. I stood there with knowledge from research I did on each candidate. I am not a person that does the studying on candidates any other time except when I am about to head off to get my nifty little sticker that says “I voted.” If I had built my belief about any one of the candidates on commercials alone, my perception would be majorly skewed. Most of the commercials, instead of saying their beliefs were what their opponent did wrong. I tell you this, because this is really how most people form opinions of things and others. Perception becomes reality. I could fill the page with things that I have been so very wrong on simply because I allowed my emotions to guide my decision instead of facts.

So here it is. Yes that question that we need to ask every time. Is it irrefutable fact, or is it opinion, or even stronger…preference? How does that control our decisions in our walk with Christ? Is it easier to just live on our opinions and preferences instead of pushing through to the truth and even more, to God’s heart on any given matter? Sure it is. Whoever says that living a life worthy of our calling is easy is mistaken. James talks about asking for wisdom. I have come to realize that asking for wisdom is the easy part. It is the waiting to truly understand the heart of God so I don’t miss His wisdom that I have asked for being much harder.

To sum this all up? As we make decisions on endurance and when to just give up, let me encourage all of us to endure to a point of knowing God’s heart in every decision. Sorry to be so heavy!

This week in worship, we continue with the advent season of talking about the hope candle. The choir is going to do a song by Travis Cottrell that we sang a while back that is extremely worshipful titled “Prepare Our Hearts”. Christmas!!!! “Angels, We Have Heard on High,” “Hark! The Herald Angels Sing,” and “It Came Upon a Midnight Clear.” Jeff Nemec and Amy Harvey will lead us in worship during the offering time with a Casting Crowns song titled “God of All My Days.” We are going back to the 90s (lol) for a wonderful song of our past for the response time titled “Draw Me Close.”

Like always, I hope that you will be able to spend some time listening and taking in the messages of these songs.

Love you,


  • Sylvia

    I always wish y’all would sing God of all my days. So happy you are doing it on Sunday.

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