November 12 2018

Several weeks ago, I spent some time on a Friday night with what we call the Prime Time Singles. I led them in some songs, shared some Scripture and gave a short testimony. We had food of course. But what we had mostly around the tables was fellowship.


We talk about unity. Unity can be interrupted quite easily it seems, and yet God calls us to be in one accord (and I am not talking the Honda car). I used to see a billboard that read “the family that prays together stays together.” Then why is it so easy for our unity as a church to be broken? Well, I have an opinion of course. It is called self-interest. It is easy to lose unity because it is so easy to put the “me” over the “we.” A former pastor of mine used to say the line “let’s keep the main thing the main thing.” So what is the main thing? Scripture says that the most important thing in life is loving Him with everything we have. It is not our agenda, or our preferences except where it comes to preferring someone else over ourselves. It is finding ways to build up and edify instead of being critical. I have to admit that my flesh, when wounded by people tends to want to retaliate. And yet!!!!! That is not what Scripture says is the right response. Love those that hate you. Really? Yes really! But don’t I have the right to defend myself? Hmm! That is not how Jesus responded when they were ripping into Him. He kept silent and was humble before His Father. I pray that for all of us…that our response would be love no matter what, and that our goal would be unity. Over and over Scripture talks about us loving one another. Unity is the result of loving each other.

As we come together this week to worship, the songs we will use to praise Him together are “At the Cross” that the choir sang last Sunday night at the end of the Night of Praise. We continue singing together with “The Lord Our God,” “Heart Abandoned,” “I Stand Amazed in the Presence,” and Charlie Best and I will sing a song for offertory titled “Here I Surrender.” For the response time, we sing one of Wedgwood’s favorites titled “No One Higher.”

Okay, see you on Sunday my church family.

Love you,


  • Terri L Johnson

    Thanks, Phil! I always enjoy reading your blog during the week!

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