Night of Praise

November 5 2018

This week, I want to talk about what I have been mentioning for the past few weeks in this blog. This Sunday, November 11! November 11, every year, no matter what day it falls, is known as Veteran’s Day. The calendar this year is to our favor to show honor to our Veterans on Sunday. It is amazing what many men and women have done to defend and stand for others in this country of ours. The old song, in my life, is still very true. I am proud to be an American. Is America perfect? No, it is not. There are people that say they want to move out of America and live someplace else because they don’t like what is happening here. (Kind of sounds like how we treat our church membership). And yet, our vets have fought for even more than our freedoms. We honor them with a breakfast this Sunday morning of November 11. We will recognize them in the service also. This Sunday night, we are having a Night of Praise emphasizing the goodness of God. God poured out His grace on America back then, and is still doing that today. Why? Because He is good! He pours out His grace on us daily as individuals, and as a church body, daily. Why? Because He is good!

I am excited about our Night of Praise (The Goodness of God). As I have been asking for the several weeks now, I am asking that you will make it a priority, whether you normally come back on Sunday nights or not, to come to this time of worship. It will be one hour long….6 p.m.-7 p.m. Please, literally I am begging you to make this a priority on November 11. Secondly, I am asking to bring your Missional Community. I am asking that you will talk about it over and over again until they truly hear the importance of them being here this Sunday night November 11.

It will be an exciting day filled with worship and raising up the name of Jesus.

Sunday morning, we begin with a song declaring the greatness of God titled “Great is the Chorus.” We will sing the song “Great I Am” and “Great is Thy Faithfulness.” The choir is going to singing a song both Sunday morning and in the Night of Praise by Travis Cottrell titled “Even Now”. We will use the wonderful song “Lamb of God” for the response time.

Okay see you Sunday morning AND Sunday night.

Love you,


  • Terri L Johnson

    Thank you, Phil! Looking forward to Sunday!

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