October 22 2018

This week I want to ask you a question. Are you bought in? I suspect that most people have the same mindset as I do on what I buy into and what I don’t. For instance, as most of you know, I had to end up getting a new car. It was not my choice, but the other car said….”Phil, no more”. On the new car are all kinds of monthly fee additions I am able to get. They are not really needed, but for some people, they like those things, or may even have a need for those things. It is a GM product and so there is a minimum $20.00 a month fee if I want to continue with OnStar after the trial time ends in November. There is XM radio that is just shy of $20.00 per month when you add fees and tax to the “low” price of $14.00 per month. Then there is…wait for it…WiFi. This is great at another $20.00 per month…that is if it actually worked. I have yet to be able to sit in a parking lot and check something or send something if it is internet related. I have to turn off my WiFi on my phone and use my data plan to make it work. Well, these are easy things for me to say no to and not “buy in to” in any way.

So what about church? What about the tithe? What about additionally for AWAKEN? What about stopping things that we really absolutely enjoy in order to give away more financially? What about Christianity? What about the Lord Himself? What about sacrificial living for the sake of being generous? What does it take to say I will deny myself and sacrifice my wants and maybe even some of my needs in order to bless others?

I had a friend that was a diabetic. He had several friends that were diabetics also. He was so sacrificial with his own life that he gave his medicine away to the ones he felt needed it more than he did. Now I am not saying this was the right thing to do, and it hurt me deeply to see him waste away himself because of this. But there are many that are still living strong because of his sacrifice.

Just think about the question? What does it take for us to be bought-in?

As far as the songs we are using to praise the Lord this week…..we begin with “Lion and the Lamb”. I want to teach you a new song. Get on YouTube or go to ITunes and listen to “Love So Great” by Hillsong Worship. Tom Wilson along with the choir is leading us in a wonderful song titled “Say the Name”. The Praise Team is singing a song for offertory that is quickly becoming a favorite of mine titled “Praise the Lord (Evermore)”. We will sing the Matt Redman song “Mercy” for the response time. After the response time, we will go into a time of Lord’s Supper.

Before I close, I want to emphasize again one thing that I am very excited about that is coming up soon… our Night of Praise (The Goodness of God). I am asking two things of the ones that read this blog. I am asking that you will make it a priority, whether you normally come back on Sunday nights or not, to come to this time of worship. It will be one hour long….6 p.m.-7 p.m. Please, literally I am begging you to make this a priority on November 11. Secondly, I am asking to bring your Missional Community. I am asking that you will talk about it over and over again until they truly hear the importance of them being here this Sunday night November 11.

Okay, that is all for this week.

Love you,


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