Hello Parents,

I hope you are having an encouraging day. Parenting can have moments of stress and frustration. It can also have moments of joy and appreciation. The difference can be perspective. I want to encourage you to look at parenting through the lens of shaping the heart of your child to follow Jesus Christ. One of the most important things in parenting is consistency. Share with your child just one time a week about things of God. Our Children’s Ministry is providing a resource that gives ideas to have a weekly devotional. Here’s what our Children’s Ministry will be learning about over the next 7 weeks.

October 14 & 17 – God is Faithful – Jacob Wrestles with God

October 21 & 24 – God Redeems – Joseph part 1

October 28 – God Saves – Joseph part 2

November 4 & 7 – God is I Am – Calling of Moses

November 11 & 14 – God is Warrior – The Exodus part 1

November 18 – God is Victorious – The Exodus part 2

November 25 & 28 – Remember & Celebrate

Please use these next 7 weeks to connect with your children Biblically at least once a week.

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