Easter’s Coming

February 26 2018

Easter is quickly approaching. It is just one month away from this Sunday. For the believer of the resurrection, we know that Easter is when we celebrate the greatest day in history. For the unbeliever…well not so much. It is about a lot of things, but it doesn’t really matter about what happened for us and the rest of the world through the resurrection of Jesus. Is this sad? I think somewhat it is. There was more people that did not watch the super bowl than did. I suspect the same kind of statistic for Easter. There are more people that will rally around bunnies and eggs than the cross of Christ. And yet!! Yes! And Yet! God demonstrated His love toward us that while we were still sinners, Christ died for us. He died! Jesus died a physical death. He came back alive physically. He rose from the grave. He is at the right hand of throne of God. He is THE King of kings. He is THE Lord of lords. One day every knee will bow, and every tongue, of every tribe, of every land, will scream out the name that is higher than any other name. JESUS! JESUS! JESUS!

On April 1, people that normally gather every Sunday and more that don’t acknowledge Jesus any other time of the year will come together in celebrating the Savior of the World.

Now that is something to get excited about…so much that we need to make sure that people come with us.

So here is my challenge for you over the next several weeks. Don’t come alone on Sunday April 1. If you are out of town with family, don’t just gather with your family, but make sure that someone outside of your family goes with you to celebrate. If you are here, and I hope you are, don’t come alone. What hinders us the most is not that we are worried about rejection. It is the inconvenience of inclusion. It is so easy just to take care of you and your family. But work at it. This can be a game changer for both you and whoever you bring.

We are beginning preparation now this Sunday for that exciting week a month from now. Dale will spend some time talking about that weekend. Prepare now.

The songs for preparation and worship this week is “May the People Praise You”, “Let the Praises Ring”, “Victor’s Crown”, and a new one that I am asking you spend some time with to get it deep in your spirit called “Lamb of God”. You can find it on YouTube by putting in Lamb of God Vertical Church. We will be singing this on Easter morning. I hope that the church will know it and know it well by then. Let’s see the building shake as we scream that Jesus IS the Lamb of God.

Okay, see you this Sunday.

Love you,


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