Every Good Thing and Perfect Gift

January 29 2018

We are about a month past Christmas. Did you get a gift that you would say is the perfect one? I hope you did. Me? Well we won’t talk about that…lol. James 1:17 says, “Every good thing bestowed and every perfect gift is from above, coming down from the Father of lights, with whom there is no variation, or shifting shadow.”

Think about that for a minute. “Every good thing bestowed”. Every good thing bestowed on us is from the Father of lights. It is not from working hard to achieve, although that in itself is a good thing. It is not because we were born in the US, or we have rights and privileges that someone else might not have. It is not about politics (in and outside of the church), or anything or anyone else. Every good thing bestowed on us is from one source…the Father of lights. He loves us so much that He wants to bestow on us good things. But wait! There’s more!!!!

Every perfect gift is from above. Now, let me get real “spir-chal” for a minute. There is no better gift than Jesus. He is the best of all gifts. We can’t outdo or have anything, or anyone better than Him. When Jesus comes into a life, and that life truly taps into who He is, we find He is truly THE best gift we could ever receive. Even salvation and eternal life is not as cool of gift as He himself is. Again, think about this phrase in this one verse. Every “perfect gift” comes from Him. Take a few minutes and think of those perfect things in your life. There are those things that are truly perfect when we see them through His eyes.

So guess what? Most of you will come to worship this Sunday, and then either be together with friends, family, both, or at the very least be sitting around a TV watching this year’s Super Bowl. Most of you that know me know that will not be what I will be doing. I have some thoughts on what I will be doing. Lol

So before the kickoff of the Bowl, I hope that your time here at the worship center, together with the Wedgwood body of believers, will lead you to a deeper place with Him. The worship time this week will consist of a Rend Collective song titled “Build Your Kingdom Here”, a Redman/Tomlin song “White Flag”, “This We Know”, and the simple chorus “I Love You, Lord”. The choir will sing a new song for us titled “Bring Him Glory” by Lee Black and Jason Cox. Jeff Nemec and Tom Wilson will sing a duet during the offertory by Stephen Curtis Chapman and Matt Maher titled “Hallelujah, You are Good.”

So, spend some time in the Word, prayer, and meditating on these songs. See you Sunday

Love you,


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