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Marathon runners often talk about “hitting the wall.” This occurs sometime around the twenty mile mark (for me it’s nearer the two mile mark!). That is when the glycogen (stored energy) within the muscles gets depleted. Their energy is gone; coordination is lost and one is overwhelmingly tempted to quit.

This can happen in our spiritual life as well.

St. John of the cross called it “The Dark Night of the Soul” when our labors seem fruitless, our prayers powerless, our praise joyless and God appears far removed from it all.

Faith falters; hope dissipates and we are tempted to give up. Like the father of the demonized teenager we cry, “Lord, I believe, Help Thou my unbelief!”

I am plagued by the thought of how many spiritual greats in the Bible blew it all in the later years. David was in his 50’s when he fell to lust. It was after the flood when Noah succumbed to alcoholism and incest. It was in his later years that Solomon gave into his foreign wives’ false religions. It was long after Pentecost that the Apostle Peter compromised with the Galatians’ legalism.

A life of fruitful service is not rewarded if it ends with complacency and backsliding.

Today we learn of King Josiah who, in his youth ruled wisely and well. But in his later years he deserted the Lord to worship idols.

No one gets a medal for the 95 yard dash.

God grant us all grace to FINISH WELL.

In His Love,
Bro. Al

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