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It is that time again: Graduation time. Tonight we will recognize our Seniors and praise God for His grace in their lives. We will pray for them, beseech the Father for His protection and direction in their lives.

God is into education, learning.

It was Jesus Who said that the greatest commandment of all is to “love the Lord thy God with all your heart, soul, strength and MIND.” God is concerned about our minds.

At birth, the human brain is only 38% developed. All other mammals are 98% developed at birth. In other words, to be human is to be a continuous learner.

When the Western world’s first universities started up in the 13th century at Paris, Oxford and Cambridge, the scholars realized that most would-be-students didn’t know enough to begin to study. So they developed a curriculum to teach them how to read, write and think (rhetoric, logic and math). Upon completion they were awarded a “Baccalaureate Degree;” baccalaureate being Latin for “Beginner.” After four years of study, now they were ready to learn!

That’s why graduation ceremonies were called ‘Commencement’—students were expected to commence, to begin to really learn.

Someone has well said, “The biggest obstacle to learning something new is the belief you already know it.”

Don’t ever stop learning, dear people. One lady told John Wesley (an Oxford grad), “God does not need your education.” To which Wesley replied, “Nor does He need your ignorance.”

The Apostle Paul’s dying words were, “Bring me the books”
(2 Tim. 4:13)

In His Love,
Bro. Al

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