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Weather people like to refer to what they call the “butterfly effect.” In theory, the air disturbed by the wings of a butterfly in the Amazon rainforest can and does affect the weather around the world.

The air current from that butterfly becomes a breeze on the ocean. That breeze develops into a hot wind over the Sahara Desert. That hot wind turns into a tropical depression as it moves over the ocean. And that tropical depression becomes a hurricane in the Caribbean Sea.

All from the flutter of a single butterfly’s wings.
Throw a pebble into the ocean and the ripple will eventually reach the furthest shore.

The “El Nino” effect explains how one current of warm water in the Pacific Ocean can eventually put your car under two feet of snow—or mud—in March.

In a generation that places a priority on bigness, it is important to know that God specializes in little things. A tiny mustard seed can become a huge tree; a pinch of leaven spreads throughout the entire loaf.

A tiny, helpless Baby in a borrowed manger for a bed can be the Author of Salvation for all the Redeemed.

A ragtag bunch of losers and misfits can “turn the world upside down.”

Today we learn how God used Daniel and his three teenager friends to make an impact for God in a foreign palace.

In His love,
Bro. Al

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