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April 27 2014

As Pastor Al is finishing with the series on core values the question really comes down to how big we believe our God is. Sometimes we simply don’t believe big enough and yet sometimes we get disillusioned because the endurance of our faith (James 1 and Hebrews 10:35) is at 10 cents and we are asking for 25 cents. Fred Price one of my favorite Biblical teachers has several series on walking in faith. One of them is called Faith Photos where he takes 40 descriptive pictures found in Scripture of faith. But no matter where our measure of faith is (Romans 12:3), Jesus said that even faith the size of a mustard seed can move mountains. Wow! Have you ever seen a mustard seed? It is quite small, and yet the world, the Kingdom, our lives can be revolutionized by mustard seed faith. Dr. Price talks about hindrances to our faith. One of them just comes down to fear of failure. We get so worried that it causes us to just give up and try to do it ourselves if God doesn’t “come through” fast enough or the way we expect Him to do.

As we worship this morning all of the songs are expressing faith in our God. I Have a Hope by Tommy Walker is a great song that speaks of the hope we have in Christ, not only to move those mountains but in everything we are and do. Along with that is Mighty to Save, a song that has been sung around Wedgwood for years. Sometimes we just need to take our focus and place it back on the Author and Finisher of faith, Jesus Christ. Isaiah 26:3 says that “He will keep him in perfect peace whose mind is stayed on Him.” The vision and clarity we see through the words of Be Thou My Vision speaks loudly to this focus. For offertory I am singing a song that is extremely demanding lyrically. Lanny Wolfe wrote a song back in the 70s titled “Whatever it Takes”. The hook line in the song is “whatever it takes for my will to break, that’s what I’d be willing to do”. The lyric in this song by Sidewalk Prophets called “Keep Making Me” is the same commitment. Hard words but as our faith in Jesus grows stronger…trusting Him totally we find He truly is everything, every heartbeat. I was in Pizza Inn for lunch today and heard the old Amy Grant song Every Heartbeat…”every heartbeat belongs to You…” oh to be that abandoned is the call of faith, trust and love for Jesus.

Like always, you can find these songs on YouTube and buy them on Amazon MP3 or ITunes.

Love you, pb

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