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History tells us that when Neil Armstrong became the first
man to step on the moon, President Richard Nixon proudly
exclaimed, “This is the greatest day in human history!”
Billy Graham who was watching with him remarked, “But, Mr.
President, what about the day of Jesus’ resurrection from
the dead?”
No other event in human history has more signification than
the Resurrection of Jesus Christ. His death on Calvary’s
cross provides for our pardon for sin, but His resurrection
from the dead gives us power over sin, death and Hell.
Is this just Christian wishing? Whistling in the dark to help
fearful folks face their own mortality?

Consider the evidence for the Ressurection:

1) The Body was Missing—In spite of Pilate’s doubling the
guard with hardened Roman troops could Jesus’ band of
wimpy misfits have overwhelmed them and snatched the
corpse? Or could Jesus have revived from his death swoon,
rolled away the stone, and fought His way to freedom
single-handed? Preposterous!

2) The Grave Clothes were Undisturbed—It wasn’t as though
his grave clothes were unwrapped, but as though HIs body
had aspirated. Poof!

3) He was Seen by Mary—Mary, the Emmaus Road disciples,
the Upper Room, eating meals in Galilee, up to 500 people
at once.

4) The Disciples were Changed—From a band of cowards to
a courageous army willing to die for the cause, the followers
of Christ turned the world upside down.”
He is risen! He is risen indeed!!

In His love, Bro. Al

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