Inside the Music

April 17 2014

Good Friday is tomorrow and of course Sunday is Easter. This week like always I want to tell you about the services and what to expect in our worship time, but I want to be more personal this week and tell you what worship means to me. Some of you have heard me say a couple of lines when describing worship. “A song is just a song, but to sit at the feet of Jesus is everything” and “sometimes we have to run around being a Martha working for the Kingdom, but Mary chose the best sit at Jesus’ feet.” Worship for me is not another song to sing to Him, or another Sunday full of passionate songs. Worship for me is proclaiming to the whole world about the true love of my life. He is Lord of my life. He is Savior. But He is so much more. He is not first in my life. He IS my life. I am called to Him, and the ministry is what He placed in front of me to do to help express my love for Him. That is the main reason I get so excited and want to jump and move. Oh if I could express on the outside all the joy and feelings that are going on inside of me when I sing to Him, I think it would absolutely scare most people. I don’t move because of the beat…oh it helps. I move because of what He is saying back to me. We have wonderful conversations during the worship time. So hope I am not too transparent here…just wanted to share!

So that leads me to both Friday and Sunday…Friday of course is all about the death of Jesus. We will be singing very familiar songs such as Don Chapman’s version of When I Survey the Wondrous Cross, There is a Fountain, and Oh the Blood of Jesus. Jeff Nemec is doing a song called Once Again by Matt Redman…bringing us back again to think about all that God has done. Easter morning!!!! He is risen! He is risen indeed! Christ Arose! We will also do One Thing Remains by Brian Johnson, Christa Black, and Jeremy Riddle, Revelation Song and a great new song by Kari Jobe called Forever. Like always you can find these songs on YouTube, Amazon MP3, and ITunes. What a wonderful day it will be!

Love you, pb

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