Inside the Music

April 10 2014

Continuing on about what it means to truly be contagious in our passion and directly correlated to worship through music….what does that mean? All over Scripture, including the passage that Pastor Al is using this Sunday talks about singing. So the question is can we be passionate about singing and not be passionate about worship? YES! We can love to sing but have no clue about worship. Why? Glad you asked! Worship is not about singing a song. It is about the attitude of the heart and like I talked about last week, the object of our worship. This is one of the reasons we get so caught up in style of music. Our “worship” becomes about the song instead of having a heart of worship. It all has to do with the motives behind singing a song. So question! When you sing a song that you don’t particular relate too lyrically, or you don’t like the tune, or the rhythms in the song are not what you are “comfortable with”, do you still worship? Or do you tune out? Hear me clearly!!!!! This is not about 16th Century hymns verses 21st Century songs. It is about the attitude of singing. Why do we sing? Is it because we like to sing? Great! I do too. But there are many songs, almost on a weekly basis that I don’t enjoy singing, and yet I can worship with them. Why? It is because the purpose behind the song is not to make me “feel” good. It is to express my love for the Lord using the tool of music. That is one reason I can’t stand still when I sing. It is not the music that moves me, or I would be even more animated than I am. But I get to communicate and hear what God is saying through the song. Talk about something that gets me excited!!!!! So what is “your” purpose? Think about it.

The choir starts out this week with a song simply exclaiming the hope we have in Jesus. We sing together a Paul Baloche song called “Hosanna”. Hosanna is a word used to express adoration and praise. We continue with the song On My Lips (there’s a shout of praise). “10,000 Reasons” for my heart to scream bless the Lord and a song that has come to be one my heart songs is Ray Chee’s song “You are Lord”. Like always, you can find all of these songs on YouTube. I encourage downloading these songs and coming prepared to express your love for the Lord through singing songs of worship this Sunday. It is going to be a great day.

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