Inside the Music

April 6 2014

This week we begin talking about contagious passion. What does it really mean to be passionate about something? And how can our passion be so noticeable that others catch it? I can think of many things people are passionate for that I hope I never become passionate about and I am sure there are things I am passionate for that others hope they don’t catch either. Lol.  I do know this though..that when a person is passionate about something or someone it motivates them to say do and love a certain way.

So the question specifically concerning our core values would be are we passionate about Jesus?  It has been proven throughout history a person can be passionate about the things of the Lord and not be passionate about Him personally. The greatest commandment does not say love the things of The Lord with all your heart… But to love Him. I am convinced that whether we are talking about worship prayer tithing or another area of life, true passion is a direct manifestation of our love for Jesus.

This week as we look at David the worshiper we will sing several songs that are direct words of David. We begin with the Lincoln Brewster song “Today is the Day” acknowledging the wonderful day He has made into “Crown Him with Many Crowns”. A heart song of mine that I see our congregation really respond too and we are singing in the 10:35 service  is ” White Flag”. Passion in part comes from surrender. Psalm 46:10 says to be still and know that He is God. Again another part of passion grows as we stop to know Him deeper and deeper. All of these songs can be found on YouTube. I hope you will spend some time internalizing the powerful words of these songs. See you Sunday.

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