It will be so good to be back together this Lord’s Day after last week’s debilitating ice storm. It is the folks who cannot come out to worship for one reason or another who miss it the most.

Today we are going to address the issue of Stewardship. If you’ve paid any attention at all around here you know what a difficult year this has been for Wedgwood. Last year, in the midst of one of the greatest economic crises this nation has ever experienced, Wedgies gave faithfully, sacrificially, and we even surpassed our budget.

This year, as our nation rises from the depths of recession, our giving has dropped appreciably. I am not quite sure why, but I do know the first and most important truth about stewardship, is the axiom that GOD OWNS IT ALL. We don’t own the material blessings we enjoy, God does. He calls us to be stewards, managers of His blessings.

Maxy Jarman, found and owner of Genesco (General Shoe Company) gave away millions to the Lord’s work. During the darker days of a financial crunch a friend asked him if he ever regretted all he’d given away.

Jarman responded, “I didn’t lose a penny of what I gave away. I only lost what I spent.”

In His love,

Bro. Al

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